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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thoughts from Passion 2010...

Passion Twenty Ten
Atlanta, GA
My husband and I recently spent a few days at Passion 2010 with 21,000 college students and leaders, and some of our favorite worship leaders and speakers. Here are some thoughts I wrote down from the conference and wanted to share with you...
Beth Moore

God equips us to do His will for our life. Col 1 "Be filled with the knowledge of His will."
The word equip in Greek means "to prepare, adjust, to fit, to re-adjust, to supply, to mend, to complete."
3 Ways God Equips us...
1. God equips us by preparing us. Eph 1, Eph 2:10 Our natural line - physical circumstances, who your parents were, how you grew up, etc. Our spiritual line - people who influenced you spiritually.
2. God equips us by adjusting us. Maybe you don't think you fit where you are, but maybe it is fitting for you to be there. God allows us to be around people who bring out the worst in us so He can bring out the best in us.
3. God equips us by repairing us. Will you let Him restore you, or are you just going to be mad at Him because of your circumstances or in denial that He really cares?
4. God equips us by filling us. Whatever God has called you to do, you cannot do. Only by God's Spirit equipping you.

*You can find out more about Beth by visiting her webisite: lproof.org.
Andy Stanley
"It's always a mistake to decide what you're going to do before you decide who you're going to be."
"Who you are on the inside will determine what you will do." "Your talent and ability can possibly sweep you past what your character can uphold." "Your doing will always come out of your being."
Everyone should sit and think about what you want certain people to say about you at your funeral. Write down names and what you want them specifically to say. Then, take a characteristic such as honesty, and ask yourself, "What's at stake with honesty?" "Why is it important?" Well, it's important because it's the basis of every relationship in your life.
What you want said about you at your funeral is your personal definition of success.
Determine, what you want to be, but make sure you won't sacrifice your convictions to get there.
"What values do you want to form the perimeter around you?"

*Andy Stanley is the pastor at North Point Community Church in Atlanta, GA: northpoint.org
Louie Giglio
John 11
Jesus allowed Lazurus to remain sick for 2 days even though He knew.
Jesus wake me up! v11
Jesus told them to roll away the stone. They replied, "It stinks!"
"Jesus is not afraid of the smell behind your stone."
"Don't make any more promises to God, just surrender your life."
"Let others see the playback of what God's doing in your life on your face."

*Louie is the pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA. passioncitychurch.com
John Piper
Is God an egomaniac?
There are many verses in the Bible in which God demands people or things to give Him glory.
(Isa. 43:6, Jer. 13:11, Psalm 106:7, Isa. 48:9) Does this make Him an egomaniac?
1. Eternity Past - Eph 1:4-6 Before the foundation of the world God predestined us to be a part of His family for the praise of the glory of His grace. We don't have to choose between God getting glory and our joy!
C.S. Lewis said, "We delight to praise what we enjoy because it brings us joy! We were created for it...it's the satisfaction of our fulfillment. We can only be happy in seeing God's glory!"
2. Eternity Future - John 17:24 We are sinners, so we don't like having a greater treasure outside of ourselves. Neither do we deserve it.
3. The Cross, the Center - Rom 3:23-26, Rom 8:3 Everytime you sin, you are belittling God and choosing something else as more important than God's glory. The foundation of our salvation is not our worth, but God's worth.
Psalm 25:11 "For Your namesake, O Lord, forgive me of my sins for they are many!"
"We are awaiting an eternity of self-forgetfulness not full of mirror walls that reflect what we like. They will reflect God's glory!"
"Self-exultation by God is not the act of an ego-maniac, desperate for attention, but of infinite self-giving for our enjoyment!"
"It's not that He won't be fully God unless He gets glory, but we won't be fully happy until we give it!"

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